About Us

Launched in 2021, Monroe Blvd Nails crafts small batch, high-quality nail lacquer with a creative twist. We are based in the greater Boston area.

Our goal is to create unique polishes that showcase my love of color and sparkle. It all started on Monroe Boulevard in Long Beach, New York, where my grandmother lived right on the boardwalk.

“Mommom,” as we called her in my family, was a lover of fabulous jewelry, artwork from around the world, and all things bright and colorful. She lived a long life filled with love, family, adventure, and glamor. She was always dressed to the nines, never had a hair out of place, and always sported perfectly polished nails.

Along with my sister, I started Monroe Blvd Nails to have some fun, celebrate Mommom’s influence in our lives, and help everyone feel just a little bit more fabulous.

Interested in joining us?

Monroe Blvd Nails is always on the lookout to add to our diverse swatching team! If you are interested in working with us, please fill out our Contact page or email us at monroeblvdnails@gmail.comWe look for swatchers with professional-level manicures and creative photos that accurately portray the colors and finishes of our products. Please note that inquiring does not guarantee you will be chosen - we will reach out to swatchers depending on our current needs.